We keep up to date with customer's technical demand for due to Trenchless Technology Equipment and Accessories ongoing professional knowledge.

We Keep sufficient consuming parts available for repairs

Our equipment is designed to protect the customer with safety features, convenience and excellent quality.

Our In-house workshop equipped with Tools for repairs.

Quality, Reliable and Affordable

Reef Trenchless Technologies SA (Pty) Ltd was founded on the 19th of May 1998.

Reef Trenchless Technologies is an agent for Hercu Pneumatics Poland.

Good Service (Quick replacement parts supply and repair services), Service offered (Training and further education).

Hercu Pneumatic is the biggest polish manufacturer of pneumatic piercing & pipe ramming tools (“mole” type). Our new products are pneumatic pile drivers dedicated to vertical works.

Our pneumatic tools are known in Great Britain, Netherlands, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Chile, Argentina and many others.

We have achieved 70-80% share in Polish market thanks to excellent quality and moderate price.

Benefits For Surroundings:

- No traffic closures

- No Surface Cutting or digging

Financial Advantage:

- Low cost of completing installation

- Shortened time of installation

Technological Advantage:

- Fast installation under roads, railways, green areas

About Hercu Pneumatics

In 2010 Hercu received an additional financing from EC program in the amount of 1,95 million PLN . The purpose of activities was an implementation of technology of innovative pneumatic devices. Simultaneously product quality control and production control have improved by far. In 2011 Hercu Pneumatic moved all activities the modern warehouse in Bilcza near Kielce.

Our Technical Department continue works on improving pneumatic devices. Direction of changes is indicated by our Clients whose comments and tips are priceless.