Our Mission at Reef Trenchless Technology

To support and serve our customer’s expectations, with quality, performance and value.

We Take into serious consideration each customer’s complaint and solve it responsibly.

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Our Policy


We keep up to date with customer’s technical demand for due to Trenchless Technology Equipment and Accessories ongoing professional knowledge.

We Keep sufficient consuming parts available for repairing GRUNDOMATS.

Our equipment is designed to protect the customer with safety features, convenience and excellent quality.

We In-house workshop equipped with Tools for repairs.

Reef Trenchless Technologies SA (Pty) Ltd was founded on the 19th of May 1998.

Reef Trenchless Technologies is an agent for T.T.UK in Bedford, England

Trscto - Technik Germany (T.T. Germany) factory are established in Saalhausen in Lennestad.

T.T. Germany is a leading Company in the Trenchless pipe installation field.

Over 500 qualified and motivated employees, 5 production factories and 5 branch offices in Germany.

Good Service (Quick replacement parts supply and repair services), Service offered (Training and further education).

Over 300 patents worldwide.

T.T Products

Non - Steerable and steerable boring systems "Mole technique", for the installation of pipes and cable underground.

- Soil displacement hammers

- Ramming machines

- steerable pipes installation system

- pipe bursting machines for pipe renewal of damaged pipelines

Pipe bending and processing machines.

T.T Stands for:

Strong completence and innovativeness, a hidden champion (after the same titled book written by Hermann Simon).

Top quality in all production areas, highly reliable products (robust and resilient).

International degree of fame and distribution, flexibility (Special requests, quick reactions).

Communicative (Tractuell-Newsletter, the Internet, Exhibitions, Press releases).

Reef Trenchless Technology GRUNDORAM
Reef Trenchless Technology GRUNDORAM
Reef Trenchless Technology GRUNDORAM

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